6-Hexanolactone 99.9% with REACH

6-Hexanolactone 99.9% with REACH

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Chemical properties:
Oily liquid, with an aromatic odor, unstable, flammable, easy to polymerize, heated to the dimer. Boiling point 215-216°C, 96-97.5 (1.33kPa), 98-99°C (266.644Pa), relative density 1.0693 (20/4°C), refractive index 1.4495, ignition point 127°C, freezing point -18°C. It is easy to react with organic nitrides. During storage, it should not be in contact with inorganic acids, organic acids, alkalis, acidic and alkaline salts, water and water vapor, nor close to copper and zinc. Nitrogen must be filled during storage, and a small amount of nitrite stabilizer should be added.
This chemical product is a new type of polyester monomer, mainly used in the production of synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, and synthetic resin; also used in the manufacture of caprolactam, adipic acid, adhesives, coatings, epoxy resin thinners, and solvents; also Blended with various resins to improve its gloss, transparency, and anti-sticking.


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