Mechanical Available for HVAC

Jobs | Mangaf, Kuwait City , Ahmadi , al-Kuwayt, al-Kuwayt, Kuwait | 05/03/2023 1:59 PM


Dear Friends,
Good Day,
An experienced and efficient Indian mechanic capable of repairing any AC units, Central Unit , HVAC, Refregerator is looking out for Repairing and Maintenance Jobs/Tasks.

Noting that, he is a very experienced and capable to repair any difficult jobs related to HVAC.

Prompt Services provided in all areas inside Kuwait at reasonable and competitive price

For more details please don't hesitate to Contact Mr. Anwar @ 98573712, 97245615.

Good Service and Customer Satisfaction is our Responsibility...

Thanks and Best Regards,

Thanking you in anticipation,

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Jobs Sanaa

1 year ago

KWD 1,000.00


1 month ago

KWD 1,900.00